Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report

                                                                                           Paris, France
Do you enjoy traveling to big cities? Well, if you do then Paris is your city to travel to. It is the largest city in France and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From lovely gardens, to chestnut trees lining the streets, Paris has earned the nickname the City of Light. It’s gleaming beauty has attracted thousands of tourists to it’s streets. In Paris, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the beautiful city, enjoy the food, and learn about the land.
One of the many things you can enjoy in Paris is sights you’ll see there. Many famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower are located here. You may also notice the lovely parks and gardens while touring Paris. As you walk around the streets of Paris you will see many famous buildings. When night falls you might want to go tour Paris because of it’s gleaming beauty. The streets are lined with magnificent palaces and monuments.
There are many foods for you to enjoy in Paris. Most meals consist of bread and cheese. The food here ranges from delicious baked bread, cooked meats, and tender melted cheese. If you enjoy these kinds of foods, then make sure that you take time to enjoy it. There are many other dishes prepared in Paris, but bread, cheese, and meats are the main meals.
So where in the world is Paris anyway? Well, it’s located along the Seine River in France. Paris is located in a fertile lowland called the Paris Basin. Paris is located 107 miles southeast of the English Channel. It is the capital of France, and is also the largest city in France. Paris also has a population of about 2,180,000 people.
In conclusion, I highly recommend Paris as your next travel destination. With this beautiful of a city, how could you miss out? 

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