Wednesday, November 26, 2014

            It means smart, brave, adventurous
                       It is the number 5
         It is like deep, cool, flowing, clear, clean
                 It is laughing with each other
                   It is the memory of Amy
           Who taught me respect and honesty
                   When she heals my hurt
                     My name is Allyson
             It means God is always with you

Monday, November 24, 2014

                                       Photo Credit: Paul McMullen

Determination means the willingness to pursue your goals. Examples of determination from Blindsight is that the kids were determined to reach the top of the summit even though it seemed impossible. It didn’t matter if they made it to the top, all that mattered was the effort put into it. Examples of  my determination is when I was afraid to ride a horse, but I was determined to get up in the saddle and ride. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination

Friday, November 14, 2014

English 7
Period 3

American Freedom
When you think of freedom, what do you think of? Perhaps you believe it is a given right or it was earned without sacrifice. Well neither are correct because freedom isn’t free. Take a minute to think of what it means, make personal connections, and think of ways that others have earned your freedom and gave away their lives defending you and America.
What is the true meaning of freedom? Does freedom mean that you can do anything you want or is freedom the rights you have? Well, the truth is that freedom is the rights the veterans have earned through treacherous war.  Freedom comes with sacrifice, a price to pay. Freedom is the right to create your own future.
In my opinion, to understand the term ‘freedom’ you may have to make your own personal connections. I believe that freedom is a harsh price to pay to those who serve. I know that the veterans make a sacrifice, or give away their own lives to fight for our country and our freedom. The throw away their future so you can have one.
What are some examples of freedom? Freedom of speech, the right to vote, freedom to practice your own religion? Of course! You have the right to vote, because of the lives lost. Each are a great example of your freedom. Each are equally important. In some countries they don’t have the rights that most Americans do. So, be thankful for the rights that you have.

So, remember to be a little considerate of those who serve you. Show a little respect, because they deserve it. Don’t forget to think of what freedom means, what it does for your future, and make a mental list of examples of your freedom. Take under consideration of supporting the veterans who sacrificed so much, because again, they deserve it.