Monday, September 29, 2014

Three things I learned through this project include...

         1. I learned how to use iMovie.

         2. I realized that it is important to not to put the project off until it is due.

         3. I learned how to use my resources.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

   Today is Dot Day. I can't say I would relate to the story; I am pretty good at drawing. At first, I was bad at drawing, then my mom encouraged me to keep practicing, so I did. I improved, day by day. If it wasn't for my mom who had pushed me to keep trying, I wouldn't of become a successful drawer. I am thankful for the story of "the dot".

Friday, September 12, 2014

unforgettable school day

English 7 - Period 3

An Unforgettable School Day

Have you ever wondered how you could avoid going to school without pretending to be sick? I have. In fact, on this particular day, early in the month of August, I learned how to do it. It was the first day of fifth grade, so I had new teachers. I was fairly nervous, even though I had been in this old school for many years. I was uncertain about how things would work, or how I would get along with my teachers, so I did something I would eventually regret.
Simply put, I was afraid to go to school. The new teachers really threw me off. I didn’t know them so I was terrified. I was already ten, so I was getting used to my classmates. I figured the teachers would be strict and harsh. Later on I discovered the truth. I had my doubts and regrets on that day, but soon it would all be over with.
As I walked slowly off of the front porch, I didn’t say a word. Then, I silently sat in my usual place in the car . After the  car pulled out of the driveway, I sat there lost in thought and terror as she pulled up to the school. My cousins and sister proudly walked out of the car, ready for a new school day, as I sat reluctantly in the seat. The door shut as we drove away. After awhile, the car came to a stop  in my grandma’s driveway. I didn’t dare move.
Not long after she left the desolate car I had noticed that she had finally found me hiding in the back seat, so I sat as still as a statue. All she wanted to do was convince me to go to school and comfort my nervous feelings. She opened the door next to me and asked me why I wasn’t at school, I explained everything as quickly as I could. She eventually convinced me to go back to school, and I had a great first day in fifth grade.

In the end, I had learned a valuable lesson, don’t hide from the good things in your life. Of course, when I returned from school, word had gotten around that I had been afraid to go to school. When my mom was finished with daycare, we talked it over, and I decided that I would always try my best and school, and from then on, I learned to just go with the flow of things in class.