Friday, August 29, 2014

Bedroom Writing

Here is my room, providing memories and comfort at the end of a long day. The dressers that are brand new, hold many treasures. These dressers hide my secrets as if they were treasure chests. My bed, made with a soft material, almost as soft as a field of grass; like sleeping on a cloud.  The curtains that vibrantly sway above the bed are too silky to touch. They are pink, allowing the night sky, the stars, and the moonlight to peer through, only to see a vastly empty room.

On top of the dressers lies a small, black TV. It is not a flat screen, but instead it is one of those older TV’s. It may be old but it works like a charm, with every movie shown in full colors. Just next to the TV are three, clean, crystal fish bowls. Inside are the Betta Fish. The three fish glow like shooting stars dashing across the night sky. They are gray with little blue linings on their scales. Right next to the the fish is a lamp which was inherited from my mom. The lamp sits by the fish so, when ever I turn it on, it makes the little fish seem to gleam. I am rich beyond measure.